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Special Programs


We have experience developing unique programs for our clients’ vehicle leasing challenges. These programs include customized programs involving leasing options and fleet solutions to manage and maintain your fleet.

Leasing Options.

Our leasing options include closed-end lease or open-end lease terms, short-term leasing, buyback programs, re-leasing, value leasing and more. And, with coverage across the United States and a wide range of vehicle options, we are confident that we will provide the solution you need.

Fleet Solutions.

We know that you need to maintain and monitor your fleet vehicles, and we can provide any level of these services in your corporate vehicle leasing solution. We can include online fleet management services, insurance, maintenance, fuel management, accident management and more.

We have included some special programs we find most useful to our clients, but truly we customize your solution to your financial and fleet needs.


Government Transportation Programs. Geared to specific and unique needs of government agencies of all sizes.

Remarketing Programs. Buy quality fleet vehicles coming off lease, or contact us to sell your fleet vehicles.

Multi-passenger Van and Bus Programs. Vehicle selections for transporting groups year-round or for seasonal programs.

Car, Truck and SUV Programs. We can customize your fleet with foreign and domestic car, truck and SUV vehicles, as well as provide unique upfitting solutions, flexible terms and mileage options.

Higher Education Programs. For Colleges and Universities, we can solve your numerous and complicated transportation needs.

Summer Camp Programs. Short-term leasing options for summer camps with safe and reliable vehicles, as well as optional fleet solutions to provide insurance and other valuable services.

Fleet Transport Programs. Merchants’ variety of leasing options and programs make managing and maintaining your different transportation vehicles easy.

Corporate Programs. Customized corporate vehicle leasing options to suit your business objectives and drivers' needs.

Non-profit Programs. We understand the low-cost, but reliable vehicle needs of non-profit companies, and we provide a selection of vehicles, fleet solutions and lease options to fit your needs.

Daily Rentals. We also provide separate truck and passenger van rentals to suit your needs.

Call us today at 1-866-6LEASES to learn more about some of the special programs and services that can help your business. Or for your custom fleet solution, click here to fill out an online form and a representative will contact you.

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