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Commercial vehicle leasing will give you flexible lease terms and fleet management solutions to help manage your fleet more efficiently.

For vehicle lease terms, you can select either an open-end or closed-end lease.

The open-end lease typically provides a shorter term lease (a minimum of one year, which often continues on a month-to-month basis). Many companies choose this for its overall lower monthly lease payment and to avoid long contracts, but you must take responsibility for the vehicle at lease end. Open-end leases provide for greater risks.

The closed-end lease is generally a longer term lease (typically about three years), but eliminates price volatility in the marketplace, so not only do you know your costs from month to month, but for the entire life of the lease. With a closed-end lease, the lease provider takes 100 percent of the responsibility for the vehicle at lease end. Learn more about the Merchants Fleet Management Closed-end Lease.

With commercial vehicle leasing solutions, you can select from the following fleet management services to help you manage your fleet right:

Plus, when you choose Merchants Fleet Management as your commercial vehicle leasing partner, you have our experienced team to find the best lease terms that suit your financial needs.

Select from our wide range of vehicles available - cars, trucks, vans, and more. We can provide specialty upfitting and custom lettering.

At Merchants Fleet Management, we are more than a fleet leasing and management services company – we are your commercial fleet leasing partner. Call us at 1-866-6LEASES or  fill out the form below for more information and to talk to one of our experts.

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