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Our strategic fleet consultants partner with you to tailor a fleet efficiency program that will help you manage your fleet’s resource consumption and reduce your total cost of ownership.

With today’s vehicle technologies and fleet management options, gaining efficiencies in your fleet to reduce fleet costs is obtainable. Yet, it’s important to keep focused on what works best for your unique fleet. We work with you to select the right fleet efficiency strategies based on factors such as application, fleet size, location(s), and target audience—including both the driver and consumer in many cases.

In deciding what approach to take in developing a fleet efficiency strategy, we look at the historic performance of you current fleet to create a baseline to set realistic goals and apply a strategy that will produce the highest return on investment.

At Merchants, we work with you to build long- and short-term strategies that achieve both emissions and total cost of ownership reduction. To reach defined goals, we put specific controls in place that allow you to measure success. The most common and accurate ways to measure a fleet’s performance after taking steps to become sustainable are the use of telematics and fuel card programs.

  • Telematics devices provide fleet managers with actionable data such as speeding and idle times—two important factors when it comes to lowering overall costs and emissions.
  • fuel card program tracks fuel costs and consumption data—two other valuable components in determining the success of a fleet efficiency strategy.

Fleet efficiency programs strive to reduce your total cost of ownership. Employing key fleet management services offer insight into areas where a fleet may further benefit in reducing consumption, emissions and fleet management costs.

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