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Your company may be greatly concerned with your business’ impact on the environment. Or, perhaps your company is concerned with environmental-friendly perceptions to the public. Yet taking steps to increase your fleet’s sustainability by reducing emissions and resource consumption also provides significant benefits in lowering fleet maintenance costs and fuel spending.

In order to properly develop a sustainable “green” fleet initiative, many factors must be evaluated to improve upon your fleet’s performance—vehicle selections, fuel types and managed fuel card programs, telematics devices and the driver behavior are all components of an effective fleet sustainability strategy.

  • Vehicle Selection – selecting the right vehicles to suit your company’s needs, yet lower fuel and maintenance costs while increasing residual values.
  • Fuel Types – new vehicle technologies provide for fuel options, which need to be evaluated for use within your fleet.
  • Managed Fuel Card Programs – a managed fuel card program gives you control to curb unwanted spend and consumption.
  • Telematics – telematics devices give a real-time snapshot of the critical items a fleet manager needs to know about their fleet in order to decrease vehicle downtime and extend the fleet’s longevity.
  • Driver Behavior – driver performance has great impacts on the efficiency of a vehicle, but through managed fuel cards and telematics, you can make recommendations to improve driver behavior.

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