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Telematics combines GPS technology and integrated telecommunications to give you a real-time snapshot of everything you need to know about your fleet in order to control operating expenses, utilization, productivity, and security.

The Telematics system sends, receives and stores information, such as GPS data, about each vehicle in your fleet, providing tracking and diagnostics. With Merchants Fleet Management and telematics, we can help you gain fleet efficiency through monitoring of emissions, driver routing, GPS tracking, speed and idle times, system diagnostics and proper maintenance—decreasing vehicle downtime and extend the fleet’s longevity.


  • ELD Mandate Solution
  • Timely vehicle status reporting
  • 24/7 vehicle location
  • Speed and idle time
  • Trouble code tracking
  • System diagnostics
  • Stolen vehicle recovery
  • Emissions monitoring (California certified)
  • Scheduled maintenance alerts
  • Easy to use hardware built for commercial use

With Telematics, you’ll be able to utilize your fleet more efficiently, save money on fuel, lower repair and maintenance costs and reduce breakdowns and preventable accidents—making the Telematics system a truly revolutionary and indispensable component of your fleet management program.

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