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Electronic Logging Device

Electronic Logging Device

An electronic logging device (ELD) can work wonders in keeping your operational costs low and under your control. Merchants Fleet Management offers a range of fleet technologies that have the power to make your fleet more efficient, manageable, and cost-effective. Recording devices can collect and send you valuable information such as the behaviors of your drivers, vehicle engine performance, and driving/idling time. With this data, you become a better-informed manager that can optimize operations.

Electronic Logging Device for Standards Compliance 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has an electronic logging device rule in place to create a safer work environment for fleet drivers. Your device should be able to accurately track, manage, and deliver data such as records of duty and vehicle performance information. The technology solutions at Merchants Fleet Management can help you comply with FMCSA regulations and keep your fleet on point. Discover all the ways we make compliance possible.

ELD regulations apply to most drivers and carriers that must maintain records of duty status (RODS) data. This includes those who use paper logs or logging software. If your fleet currently uses something other than an electronic logging device to keep track of driver and vehicle data, you can make the switch with help from Merchants Fleet Management. Your device must perform certain functions. For example, it must:

  • Connect to your vehicle(s) engine
  • Enable the driver to log in and record his/her driving habits
  • Drive segments must automatically select based on the vehicle’s movement
  • Display a record of duty status with the driver’s hours
  • Provide data that you can transmit to law enforcement via USB, wireless web, or Bluetooth
  • Meet the proper device specifications and be provider-certified

Merchants Fleet Management has ELDs available in many shapes and sizes, all certified and in compliance with FMCSA requirements. We are a premier provider of these devices for all types of fleets, and can help you understand your duties as a fleet manager when it comes to data logging. In recent years, the price of these devices has come down, making compliance more affordable. Even if you aren’t listed as a user that must install a logging device, we recommend you consider installation. The data the device can give you is well worth the investment.

How an Electronic Logging Device Can Help You 

The FMCSA did not mandate electronic logging devices to punish fleet managers or make their jobs more difficult. They made these devices mandatory to increase the safety, efficiency, and productivity of work vehicles. Installing a device on the vehicles in your fleet can save you hundreds of dollars in paperwork filing costs per year, as well as saved time for filing. This translates into increased drive time per driver. An electronic device also eliminates the risk of incurring fines from form violations. Aside from saving your company the costs and wasted time of dealing with paperwork, an ELD can also provide benefits such as:

  • Decreased fuel costs. Monitoring excessive accelerating, speeding, and truck idle times can help you cut out wasted fuel and pinpoint problem drivers. You can even build an incentive program for drivers that boost fuel efficiency.
  • Reduced fleet downtime and lost driver productivity. Your drivers will have a sense of accountability for their actions, knowing your device is tracking their behaviors, routes, and driving habits. This can reduce your overall fleet downtime and boost profits.
  • Lowered total crash rates. Electronic logging devices have the power to lower crash rates, thanks to the device’s ability to notify managers when a vehicle needs maintenance before a dangerous issue occurs.
  • Regulatory compliance made easy. No more worrying about whether or not your fleet meets federal and state regulations. Your device will keep you on track and in compliance with the most recent FMCSA mandate.

    Merchants Fleet Management can help you realize all the benefits of a tracking device, including those on this list and more. In a partnership with us, you can get the most out of your electronic system. Get to know our company.

    Technologies Beyond the Electronic Logging Device 

    Merchants Fleet Management has access to the latest fleet technologies. We have solutions that can ensure fuel efficiency, eliminate waste, and help you keep track of expenditures and cost of ownership. See all our fleet management services. No matter what your budgetary, fleet application, and business-related goals are, we can partner with you to come up with the ideal technology solution to help you achieve them. Cutting edge updates are your friend in the transportation industry. Let our solutions help you:

  • Telematics and GPS tracking. Telematics are the latest craze in fleet management, combining GPS technology and integrated telecommunications to give fleet managers real-time information about your drivers and vehicles. Merchants Fleet Management’s telematics systems collect, store, and send information about each vehicle in your fleet. This gives you the ability to track vehicles and identify inefficiencies. Monitoring your fuel emissions, driver routes, vehicle speed, idle times, vehicle maintenance, and system diagnostics gives you the power to control your operations and expenses. Telematics can give you access to 24/7 vehicle location information, system diagnostics, stolen vehicle recovery, manufacturer recall notifications, maintenance alerts, and more. Learn more about telematics at Merchants Fleet Management.
  • TotalView. We’re proud to give our clients the latest in analytics-driven technology – TotalView. This program uses data-driven analytics and strategic fleet management tools to give you a broad picture of your costs and performance trends. With help from our expert consultants, you’ll be able to decipher this data into usable information.

TotalView gives you real-time reports, key fleet data, and over 500 pieces of vehicle-specific information quickly and efficiently through a customizable dashboard. You can compare vehicles with Merchants Fleet Management’s vehicle model analyzer, and select the best vehicles for your specific fleet. You get every invoice electronically, along with supporting documentation. A user-friendly interface makes fleet analytics and management easy. View our video explaining how TotalView works.

If you’re ready to embrace all the benefits modern technologies have to offer fleet managers, come to Merchants Fleet Management for tailored solutions. Learn more about installing an electronic logging device by calling (866) 653-2737 today.

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