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Fleet Maintenance Software The right fleet maintenance software can reduce your costs of ownership, prevent accidents, and put you in control of your fleet’s performance. Software and corresponding consulting at Merchants Fleet Management can help you keep tabs on your vehicle(s) maintenance, giving you alerts when it’s time for a check. Fleet software is proven to reduce the risk of preventable accidents, such as those relating to dangerous part breakdowns. Fleet maintenance and repair are two of the biggest costs you encounter as a fleet manager. Take the future of your fleet into your own hands – contact us for customized software solutions.

Why Invest in Fleet Maintenance Software? Advice from the Experts

Merchants Fleet Management is a trusted company clients depend on for flexible, customized, and reliable fleet management solutions. Part of these solutions is the best fleet maintenance software on the market. You can’t skimp or cut corners when it comes to your fleet’s maintenance. Ignoring necessary routine checks and minor repairs can lead to more costly – and dangerous – breakdowns. Modern technology gives you the power to supervise your fleet’s performance and make updates in real time, avoiding preventable accidents.

At Merchants Fleet Management, we provide many types of maintenance programs to fit a variety of individual needs. Whether you’re interested in a program to provide on-site emergency repairs, regularly scheduled services, or both, we will tailor your program to make sure you have what you need. We offer full, administered, reserve, tailored, and National Accounts maintenance programs for your benefit. Review each type. Our consultants can help you select the ideal program for your fleet, to ensure you never get stuck on the side of the road with a costly breakdown.

Fleet maintenance software gives you direct, easy access to fleet data such as vehicle engine information, real-time drill-through reports, and driver behavior. Find out when your drivers speed, idle for too long, or accelerate too quickly to keep tabs on fuel efficiency. Learn when your vehicle’s engine or other components are about to experience a problem, and schedule services before a breakdown occurs. There is no end to the benefits fleet maintenance software can give you based on more than 500 pieces of vehicle-specific information.

Fleet Maintenance Software for Optimal Vehicle Performance 

The fleet software at Merchants Fleet Management includes TotalView, telematics, and GPS tracking technologies. TotalView is our advanced solution to comprehensive data analysis. It combines strategic fleet management expertise with data analytics to give you instant access to your fleet’s maintenance needs. Learn more about TotalView. This client-focused technology can give you the information you need to schedule maintenance or repair services right away, preventing accidents or costly breakdowns.

Telematics is a popular way to keep track of your fleet’s performance. Telematics combines GPS technology and telecommunications to deliver information relating to operating expenses, vehicle utilization, driver productivity, and security. Enjoy vehicle tracking and diagnostics capabilities at your fingertips, maintaining fleet efficiency with guidance from our consultants. Visit our telematics page for more information.

When you need to gain an in-depth understanding of each vehicle in your fleet in real time, Merchants Fleet Management has your solution. To talk to someone about customizing your fleet maintenance software program, call (866) 653-2737.

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