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Fleet Management SoftwareIf you havent discovered fleet management software, you're missing out on major time and money saving opportunities. Merchants Fleet Management provides several top technologies and software programs you can implement right away. Combined with our specialized consulting services, you can learn how to create a better, more efficient fleet. Find out about our strategic fleet consulting. The right software can completely transform the way you do business. Partner with Merchants Fleet Management and expand your knowledge of what is possible for your fleet.

How Fleet Management Software Can Boost Your Business 

Merchants Fleet Management has spent more than five decades studying how to optimize fleet performance, cost-effectiveness, and overall management. We have learned that there is no better way to maximize fleet efficiency than with the right technologies. Technology has significantly improved the transportation industry, bringing us ways to effectively track fleet performance and make changes to improve operations. Technology allows us to pinpoint areas where our fleet is failing and remedy the situation before it causes a problem.

Thanks to data analytics technologies, fleet managers can now collect, view, and analyze real-time data from their vehicles and drivers. Without the right fleet management software, however, this data can become muddled and impossible to use. Merchants Fleet Management offers software programs that automatically generate reports that deliver fleet data in a meaningful way. After all, what good is data collection if you can’t decipher or use the information? For an example, visit our page on personal use reporting software.

The right software for your company may not be the same as your competitors’. That’s why customizable solutions are important for the future of your business. Merchants Fleet Management always individualizes our solutions, getting to know our clients and their fleets before recommending products. We want to be your management partners, not simply your service providers. We’ll help you understand exactly how fleet management software can boost your business.

Types of Fleet Management Software We Provide

Merchants Fleet Management is a premier destination for a wide range of customizable management solutions. View our long list of services. Part of these services is recommending technologies that will help clients manage their specific fleets. We use TotalView, the latest in analytics-driven technology, to bring our clients into the 21st century. Here’s what TotalView can do for you:

  • Give your drivers access to a customizable, dynamic dashboard
  • Easy-to-use software interface
  • Intuitive, interactive user platform
  • Fast and easy access to fleet data
  • Real-time reports with multiple levels of information
  • Over 500 pieces of specific vehicle data
  • Smart vehicle model analyzer to help you select the optimal choice
  • Electronic invoices and supporting documentation at your disposal

On top of the benefits you receive from this fleet management software, Merchants Fleet Management will boost your fleet’s performance with on-time support from the brightest minds in the field. With our unlimited technical support and tailored, professional advice, your team won’t have any trouble using the TotalView software to its fullest potential. To talk to a representative about your ideal fleet management software, contact us online or dial (866) 653-2737.

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