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Fleet TechnologyMerchants Fleet Management has been a long-time supporter of sophisticated fleet technology. In our 50-plus years in the industry, we’ve witnessed first hand what the right electronic tools can do for a fleet. From better fuel efficiency to customized driver training and safety courses, there is almost nothing technology can’t improve. As a fleet manager, you can reap many rewards from investing in technology with the right service provider. Trust Merchants Fleet Management for all your fleet administration requirements. Learn more about our company.

What Type of Fleet Technology Best Suits Your Needs?

Merchants Fleet Management stays on top of emerging technological trends and industry developments. We pride ourselves on bringing the best in fleet technology to our clients day in and day out. Our operation depends on several tools and programs to help fleet managers conduct business. The program that’s right for you depends on your company size, fleet needs, and specific business goals. Here is an overview of the technologies we can provide:

  • Telematics/GPS tracking. Telematics (telecommunications and informatics) integrates telecommunications with information technology to send, receive, and store information relating to vehicles in a fleet. Telematics uses special devices to communicate data from each vehicle to a user-friendly interface the fleet manager can access. Under the umbrella of telematics is GPS tracking technology, which fleets can use to track the location, movement, status, and behavior of a vehicle. Explore telematics. Telematics gives you access to real-time vehicle status reports, 24/7 vehicle location and stolen vehicle tracking, vehicle speed/idle time information, trouble code tracking, vehicle diagnostics, manufacturer recalls, emissions monitoring, and scheduled maintenance notifications. All of these features can serve to boost your fleet’s productivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness when used in conjunction with Merchants Fleet Management’s consulting services.
  • TotalView. TotalView is our unique all-in-one fleet technology, combining strategic fleet management with data-driven analytics. With TotalView, you can access key fleet data easily via a customizable dashboard. Receive multiple levels of information – including more than 500 pieces of vehicle-specific data – and view electronic invoices. See everything TotalView can do for you.

If you’ve been on the fence about adopting new technology to manage your fleet, realize the potential the right system has to improve your business. Technology can open the doors to optimized fleet performance, driver productivity, and cost savings – all using valuable data collected from your fleet. Start taking advantage of the information age with help from Merchants Fleet Management.

All the Fleet Technology You Need – None You Don’t

Fleet technology may be for everyone, but that doesn’t mean each fleet manager can benefit from the same type of technology. Merchants Fleet Management recognizes the importance of customizing our client’s managerial solutions from top to bottom. We work with clients on a personal level to come up with the best insurance plans, leasing agreements, and technologies for each client as an individual. It is our personalized approach to fleet management that gives us the reputation as a top provider in the business. When you’re ready to start planning your unique fleet technology solution with our experienced professionals, reach out to us online or dial (866) 653-2737 for a consultation.

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