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Fleet Vehicle Cost of Ownership

Fleet Vehicle Cost of Ownership

Fleet vehicle cost of ownership is an important expense every business owner must track carefully. Merchants Fleet Management makes this complex and often difficult task simple with customized fleet efficiency programs. Measuring the costs of owning and operating a fleet, and understanding ways to reduce those costs, is the only way to ensure you aren’t wasting money on inefficient practices. Let our team of experienced consultants work with you to come up with viable goals and solutions for fleet efficiency. Discover our fleet efficiency program.

What You Need to Know About Fleet Vehicle Cost of Ownership

With more than 50 years in the industry, Merchants Fleet Management has the knowledge and industry experience to truly help fleet managers keep cost of ownership low. We work closely with customers to devise feasible ways to lower ownership costs. The first step is to understand everything you can about the costs of owning a fleet. Here are a few basic concepts you should know:

  • Your cost of ownership is proportionate to fleet size. This is why it’s important to tailor your solution to your specific fleet. Reducing your fleet size is the best way to reduce cost of ownership. However, this is not always optimal.
  • Becoming complacent with your management can lead to higher fleet vehicle cost of ownership. Many companies simply accept the way its drivers use vehicles, including the amounts drivers spend on fuel, which routes they use, and their bad driving habits. Reexamining your fleet’s performance can uncover areas where you are losing money.
  • New technologies have the power to reduce your cost of ownership. In the past, it was almost impossible to gauge your driver’s real performance. Now, telematics and GPS tracking give us the power to measure your fleet’s operating expenses, utilization, productivity, and more. Find out how technology can help you lower costs.
  • Avoiding preventable breakdowns can significantly decrease your costs. Fleet vehicle repairs are a major area of the budget for many companies. Keeping up with preventative maintenance and keeping track of vehicle usage metrics can help you take action before a costly breakdown.
  • It is worthwhile to explore all your options for reducing fleet vehicle cost of ownership. There may be an ideal solution to lower your costs that you aren’t yet aware of. Be diligent in your search for ways to reduce costs and eliminate unnecessary expenditures. The best way to ensure you have the solution that’s ideal for your company is to work with Merchants Fleet Management.

When you make us your partner, you receive access to our team of knowledgeable fleet management experts. This includes professionals in the industry whose job it is to reduce costs of ownership. You’ll work with them to identify where you can save money, such as with custom fuel card programs to reduce non-fuel purchases by drivers. There are multiple avenues you can take to reduce your fleet vehicle cost of ownership with help from Merchants Fleet Management.

Program Provider with a Viable Fleet Vehicle Cost of Ownership Solution

Merchants Fleet Management uses the latest vehicle technologies and analytic studies to keep pace with the best practices for reducing fleet vehicle cost of ownership. With modern advancements, it is possible to optimize the efficiency of your fleet with the right service provider. Your provider should offer completely customized solutions, given that what works for someone else’s fleet may not work for you.

Merchants Fleet Management takes a personalized approach to fleet management. We will tailor your program to best control your ownership costs. Learn more about our tailored leasing philosophy. Our fleet efficiency program has helped hundreds of companies and government agencies gain control over fleet spending. Our experienced consultants will partner with you to customize your efficiency program based on your individual fleet’s resource consumption.

We can help reduce your fleet vehicle cost of ownership significantly, working with you to discover the strategies that eliminate waste. We’ll analyze your fleet size, application, locations, and target audience (drivers and consumers). Then, we’ll come up with a fleet efficiency strategy, designed specifically for you. We will set realistic goals and apply short- and long-term efficiency strategies that will produce real returns on investment.

To help you reach your defined cost efficiency goals, we’ll enable you to take the right metrics; these include implementing telematics devices and fuel card programs. Telematics give you real-time fleet data, such as driver speed and idle times. A custom fuel card program tracks your fuel consumption and expenditures. These components are vital in tracking where your money goes and where it may be wasted. Our measures will give you valuable insight into where you can improve efficiency and lower your fleet vehicle cost of ownership.

Reduce Your Fleet Vehicle Cost of Ownership Right Away 

Every day you spend without a customized cost solution is another day you waste your company’s money. Your fleet likely has several inefficiencies you’re unaware of, such as drivers braking and accelerating too fast, speeding, or filling the tank with the wrong type of fuel. You need a program that will give you an accurate, in-depth look at your fleet and driver performances as soon as possible.

Merchants Fleet Management is a leading provider of fleet vehicle insurance, leasing programs, and management solutions. We’ve earned our reputation as one of the best providers in the industry through more than five decades of excellent customer service and solutions that work. See what makes us stand out from the crowd. We are confident that we can lower your fleet vehicle cost of ownership in no time, after we get to know your company’s needs and fleet situation.

When you sign up for our fleet efficiency program, you get access to telematics, GPS tracking, and other advanced solutions to help you keep track of your fleet operations. Our program can pinpoint exactly where you’re losing money, while our consultants give you tailored advice to plug the money leaks. Merchants Fleet Management is here for you, offering support and service when you need it most. If you’re ready to take control of your finances and master fleet vehicle cost of ownership, get in touch with us online or by calling (866) 653-2737.

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