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Vehicle Personal UseAs a fleet manager, one of the major administrative tasks on your to-do list is vehicle personal use reporting. Merchants Fleet Management can make this daunting task simple and affordable. Drivers need the proper training, tools, and programs to report vehicle professional and personal use every day. This is the only way you can grasp the amount of personal mileage your drivers accumulate, and come up with solutions for reducing wasted or excess mileage. For reliable, easy-to-use personal use reporting, trust solutions from Merchants Fleet Management.

Vehicle Personal Use Reporting You Can Rely On

Vehicle personal use reporting is only as accurate as your management solution. Merchants Fleet Management provides the perfect service for fleet managers that don’t have a lot of time to devote to administrative work and need a personal mileage reporting solution they can count on. Our self-sustaining personal use reporting service keeps your drivers on track, and keeps you informed and in control of your fleet. Learn about our personal use reporting service. This service has the power to significantly reduce the amount of time you must spend on administrative tasks. Benefits it provides include:

  • Online vehicle personal use tracking available to drivers 24/7
  • Simple login for drivers using TotalView (see this service)
  • Simple, user-friendly electronic interface
  • Tracks real-time personal use information
  • Data collection and storage capabilities
  • Allows drivers to upload log files
  • Sends reports that aggregate data in meaningful ways
  • Emails reminders to make sure drivers don’t miss reporting periods
  • Fleet managers can determine reporting intervals
  • Keeps track of personal and business vehicle use effectively
  • Eliminates messy and inefficient paperwork reporting systems
  • Consolidates personal mileage information into reports you can use
  • Offers free driver technical support
  • Tax reports available online around the clock

In a partnership with Merchants Fleet Management, you never have to worry about keeping track of vehicle personal use again. Leave this burden to our sophisticated and highly capable online program, TotalView. This advanced fleet technology, combined with our expert consultations, gives you the ability to monitor and manage personal use of your vehicles. Check out our consultative services. Your drivers will thank you for providing a simple, effective way to keep track of vehicle use, and you’ll thank yourself for choosing a service provider that covers all the bases.

Beyond Vehicle Personal Use Reporting 

Once you discover how much time Merchants Fleet Management’s personal use reporting technology frees up, we have no doubt you’ll want to explore our other fleet management solutions. We offer a long list of programs that can potentially improve your business, reducing fuel consumption and optimizing every aspect of your operation. From fuel and accident management to fleet insurance programs and compliances services, we truly have it all.

You can work closely with one of our expert consultants to tailor a program package ideal for your needs. That way, you’ll pay for everything you need and nothing you don’t. We believe in customizing our solutions to best suit the needs of each individual client. To learn more about vehicle personal use reporting with Merchants Fleet Management, call (866) 653-2737.

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