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Vehicle UpliftingCustom fleet vehicle upfitting is a service we provide to our customers at Merchants Fleet Management. Your fleet is a critical tool in the delivery of your products or services. We understand the importance of tailoring your fleet vehicles to your company or government agency’s specific needs. Otherwise, your staff won’t be able to use your fleet to its fullest potential. At Merchants Fleet Management, our team of designers and engineers will work closely with you to understand exactly what you need from your fleet. Then, we’ll implement the ideal management solutions, custom vehicle modifications, and electronics. View our long list of vehicle fleet management solutions.

A Simple, Rewarding Vehicle Upfitting Process

When you partner with Merchants Fleet Management for vehicle upfitting, you sign on for a simple, effective, and even fun fleet upfitting process. You can get the exact fleet you need without the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors, as we have everything you need all in one location. From installing electronic logging devices to comply with Department of Transportation regulations to outfitting trucks and vans with the equipment your team needs to get to work, Merchants Fleet Management has it all. Here is what to expect when you request our vehicle upfitting service:

  1. You will meet with our fleet-leasing specialists to discuss what you’re looking for in your fleet. Get to know our leading professionals. We want to understand exactly what you need, from complete custom interior and tool rack installation to advanced on-board electronics.

  2. You will select your fleet vehicle. For your stock vehicle, you have many options to choose from with Merchants Fleet Management. We offer many make and model sedans, wagons, vans, SUVs, buses, and pick-ups. Browse all our vehicle options. Our experienced consultants can offer advice for your specific needs and industry.

  3. We complete your upfitting services before delivering your fleet to you. We work with highly trusted individuals in the fleet leasing industry to custom-uplift your fleet vehicles according to the demands you specified during your consultation. We will keep you informed throughout the upfitting process.

When we deliver your fleet, your customized vehicles will meet and exceed your expectations. Our upfitted fleets can save you time and money, equipping your team with the exact vehicles it needs to succeed.

Services That Compliment Vehicle Upfitting

At Merchants Fleet Management, vehicle upfitting is just the beginning of how we can improve your business. Our Fleet Assist program is the ideal way to upfit your vehicles and gain peace of mind during operations. Not only will we outfit your vehicles to your exact specifications, our team will take care of day-to-day operations with Fleet Assist. This service provides driver call-center support, fleet maintenance, fuel management, driver behavior management, and much more. Find out if our comprehensive Fleet Assist program is right for you.

Our number one goal is to optimize your ability to manage a fleet. No matter what you need to reach this goal, we are dedicated to finding with the right solutions for you. When you need a fleet that works as hard as you do, call (866) 653-2737 for vehicle upfitting services from Merchants Fleet Management.

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