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Taking the Burden for a Nonprofit Foundation

Full Maintenance Solutions
“Our full maintenance plan resulted in significant annual savings.”
- Nonprofit Foundation

When it comes to scheduled vehicle maintenance and emergency repairs, only the best program will do for your fleet. Merchants’ nationwide full maintenance program provides all of the maintenance services your fleet needs including scheduled service, emergency repairs, fleet reports, and more—all for one fixed low monthly fee.

From time to time it's important to evaluate your fleet maintenance strategy to ensure it's aligned with your organization's financial and business strategies.

The Challenge

trafficOne Nonprofit Foundation in New York decided it was time to re-evaluate the way they managed their fleet maintenance. Since 1973 a full-time, on-site staff including several mechanics managed all vehicle maintenance, and the cost of vehicle upkeep and payroll was becoming an issue.

The Merchants Solution

Merchants worked with the Purchasing Director, who was responsible for the fleet, to perform a detailed evaluation of the types of vehicles the organization needed and the anticipated maintenance and repairs to determine the best course of action. After the review the organization decided to implement a two-year, closed-end lease with full maintenance.

The Results

This approach guaranteed a fixed monthly cost for budgeting purposes, and the full maintenance package allowed the community to use their staff more efficiently, resulting in significant annual savings.

The Benefits

  • Protect yourself from unbudgeted expenses with one flat monthly maintenance fee.
  • Spend less time on fleet administration and accounts payable time.
  • Keep vehicle downtimes to the bare minimum with our extensive nationwide repair network.

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