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Data Management & Development

The Challenge

An international energy corporation operating 1,200 light and medium-duty vehicles managed $6 million annually on fuel through a traditional purchasing-card service. With nearly 2,000 employees across 1,200 units, there was an organizational need for visibility and multiple levels of approval on all purchases. The corporation struggled to find a better way to fuel their vehicles and equipment in the field, and had limited fuel data to manage their consumption and spending. 

The Merchants Solution

Merchants streamlined the fuel purchasing process by assigning each vehicle a fuel card and giving each driver an assigned ID. Through the power of TotalView, the data from the fuel cards was aggregated automating the approval process and alleviating manual data entry.  The solution combined a traditional fuel card program with an automated approval chain process.

The Results

TotalView's real-time multi layered dashboards allowed supervisors to have clear visibility over fuel purchases by employee, by crew, and by region. In addition to real-time dashboard reporting, TotalView generated weekly reports to track fuel purchases. While dashboards alone are not enough to actually make change, managers meet once a week and review these purchases including off-hour purchases of drivers spending the most and the least, and how to address these issues. Tracking also helped give visibility to the mobile fueling of off-road trucks. Most of all, one of the biggest “wins” with this transition was the elimination of all the paper and administrative efforts that went into tracking these purchases.

The easy to use TotalView interface delivered analytics in a way that empowered change and revealed cost saving opportunities.

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