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Helping a Construction and Engineering Company Build Their Fleet

Full Maintenance Solutions
“Our business depends on knowing all of our costs upfront.
Merchants’ solution gave us what we needed.”
- International Consulting, Engineering & Construction Firm

When it comes to scheduled vehicle maintenance and emergency repairs, only the best program will do for your fleet. Merchants’ full maintenance program provides all of the maintenance services your fleet needs—nationwide—including: scheduled service, emergency repairs, fleet reports, and more; all for one fixed low monthly fee.

From time to time it's important to evaluate your fleet maintenance strategy to ensure it's aligned with your organization's financial and business strategies.

The Challenge

SpeedometerSuccessfully bidding on major construction and engineering projects requires estimating all your costs upfront. A large international consulting and engineering company with a fleet of over 100 vehicles nationwide was looking for a fleet leasing company that could help them understand all of the costs associated with fleet leasing, especially their maintenance costs.

The Merchants Solution

Merchants unique closed-end lease with full maintenance was perfect for them. We were able to offer a nationwide maintenance program with nationally known companies and reduce their costs through our National Account pricing. We rolled in their insurance, registration and graphics costs to complete the package, and our turnkey solution fit their needs perfectly.

The Results

Now they know their leasing and maintenance costs not only month-to-month, but for the entire life of their leases, which makes their bidding process much easier. This gives them a competitive edge since their costs are predictable - the risk is gone and they can focus on their clients’ needs.

The Benefits

  • Protect yourself from unbudgeted expenses with one flat monthly maintenance fee
  • Spend less time on fleet administration and accounts payable time
  • Keep vehicle downtimes to the bare minimum with our extensive nationwide repair network

Click here, or call us at 1-866-6LEASES for more information on our fleet maintenance programs or for a customized fleet leasing solution today.

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