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Ensuring a company can deliver on time

Total Fleet Solution

The Challenge

A large pizza delivery company wanted a better way to deliver their product and brand more effectively, as the employee supplied vehicles did not always provide the appropriate company image. However, the options for fleet delivery vehicles seemed endless, and they needed help assessing whether they wanted to buy or lease, as well as which lease and terms would work to keep their costs low. Additionally, taking on the responsibility of a fleet meant that they needed nationwide service to cover all of the company's hundreds of locations throughout the U.S., vehicle maintenance and roadside assistance to limit downtime, as well as the ability to monitor their fleet vehicles at any time.

The Merchants Solution

With comprehensive analysis and consultation from our experts, we were able to review and discuss many scenarios before determining their current fleet management program. Not only did we provide many leasing options, but we also compared lease versus buy and lease versus reimbursement to make sure that leasing was the right solution. In order to avoid availability limitations as the company grows their fleet, we determined that the most fuel-efficient non-hybrid vehicle, the Toyota Yaris, was the answer to keeping their costs low. Additionally, many fleet leasing services were wrapped into the closed-end lease solution to ensure that the costs managing the fleet were predictable.

The Results

In addition to improving the company brand image with these new vehicles, which were also upfitted with the company logo and key service benefits, the fleet costs have remained fixed and low. With the benefit of the monitoring the fleet 24 hours-a-day with TotalView, keeping fuel costs low with the fuel management program, local vehicle repair with the maintenance program and roadside assistance, as well as the continued support and consultation provided by the Merchants Fleet Management sales executives, the national pizza delivery company has been more than satisfied with their fleet solution.

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