The cargo you deal with is the most precious of all, and you’re responsible for more than merely profits. At Merchants, we understand the challenges you face in the transportation industry on a daily basis, and realize it isn’t always easy. It’s just one of the reasons that make us the smart choice as your partner in vehicle leasing and fleet management.

We offer a variety of cost-effective maintenance and insurance programstelematics and fuel management solutions, as well as accidentsafety and risk management services. Together we can manage every aspect of your fleet, keeping your company and customers in motion.

Closed-end Lease. Keeping your fleet up-to-date and your passengers comfortable is a priority. That’s why our closed-end lease could be just the solution. With a closed-end lease, we not only show you your expenses for the life of the lease, but you’ll never fear being stuck with a vehicle that no longer suits your needs. When the lease is up, you walk away.

Choices, choices. From a single VIP to a throng of tourists, we’ve got the vehicle to move them. Vans, SUVs, buses, taxis, delivery vehicles, limos—every make and model is available. Need special upfitting? No problem. We take care of everything from custom lettering to handicap solutions, plus other unique functions.

We’re everywhere. No matter where you are, Merchants is right there with you. We provide service across the entire United States and Canada, and can deliver and service any make or model vehicle—be it a truck, bus, van or car—anywhere in the country, when you need it.

Unlimited mileage. Because you can’t pull over and let them out in the middle of nowhere, we offer customized fleet leases to give you the mileage terms that work best for your company. Even unlimited mileage.

Get your total fleet solution. Feel free to call one of our experts today at 1-866-6LEASES, or click here. They can answer any question you have on why Merchants is the right partner for your business, and add valuable fleet management services such as competitive fleet insurance coverage and nationwide fleet maintenance for your drivers.


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